What language do you speak?

My sweet friend Amy and I were chatting on the phone the other evening about how those close to you tell you that they care about you, love you, and value you, but how do they communicate their feelings towards you and how do you receive their love?

How we communicate with the people we care about is as important as what we are communicating. The idea of love languages has been around for awhile, and many of you may have read the book by Gary Chapman {it's been around for 30 years or so}. Love languages stand the test of time and are as relevant today as they were years ago. We are different- think, feel, express ourselves, react- differently, yet at the same time, we are similar in so many ways. We long to be loved, to be valued, for those that love us to tell us, we need people to communicate with us how they feel, we want to receive love and affection and give it too, we want to grow/change/evolve, and we desperately want to understand one another.

What language do you speak, not English or Spanish or French...what's your LOVE language?

Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Receiving Gifts
Acts of Service
Physical Touch

Reading through the list of the 5 Love Languages you might have an idea right off hand which language you speak, but a quick little quiz will tell you which language best describes you and how that impacts your life and your relationships. I took the quiz earlier today {I haven't read the book yet; it's on my list}, and it was right on target both times. I took it twice because when I read through the 5 languages initially, I thought two categories would fit and they did-it was an exact tie. My husband took it too, but before he did I made him guess what I am, and I said what I thought he would be...we were right on cue. I am Quality Time and Receiving Gifts, what are you? Hopefully, learning your love language will allow you to love and to feel loved more fully. - J

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