book pages.

if you follow design blogs you are noticing that wallpaper is making a come back, yes, it is true.  and i must admit, wallpaper can be pretty darn cool, especially in a teeny tiny bathroom or on a focal wall.  but what i fancy is wallpapering a room or a wall with pages from a book.  one of our favorite local haunts is closed for business, and their bathroom is papered with pages from a world beer book, which is fitting because they serve a wide variety of yummy beer.  
you must know that my husband is a beer-lover...wouldn't this be a great idea to re-create in a {man room bathroom} or on one wall in a study?  we don't own a home yet, much less have space for a {man room} in our baby of an apartment, but it would be a cheap way to recreate a room with one of your favorite reads {several books from a favorite author or on a particular subject would be crazy cool}...

Oh, the possibilities! - J

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