Its a nasty day today...rainy, yucky, a day where all you want to do is stay in your pj's, in your bed with a good book, maybe falling asleep here and there! Sounds wonderful huh?

Insert Gigantic Laugh here...When was the last time that happened?

As a mom you don't get to do that very often, you don't get to decide to stay in your pj's, snuggled in your bed, doing whatever you want to do. There's this little person waiting on you for a diaper change, breakfast, their favorite shows, waiting on you to meet their basic needs. Parenting is the most selfless thing I've ever experienced and it continues to be a dying to self, daily, an act that we cannot do alone especially on days when there is nausea, headache and just plain exhaustion from having another human being living inside you!

C.S Lewis writes "The thing is to rely on God... Meanwhile, the trouble is that relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing has yet been done."

So Im relying today, just like everyday, knowing that God will give me the strength and energy I need to love on my family! Did I mention that its all worth it...every little bit of dying to self, esp when your little man says "up, sit" bc he wants to snuggle up to you and watch his favorite super readers! -B

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