Being known...

There's nothing quite like being truly known, inside and out...never fully humanly understood this until April 9, 2005...the day I married the man of my dreams. When we are known to someone, we feel safe and secure, loved and confident, wanted and appreciated. Its amazing what being known can do for a person's soul. Funny how we think so often about being humanly known by a friend, family member or spouse. We want someone to know our favorite show, favorite candy, favorite color, or favorite foods. We want someone to know what helps us rest or what makes us smile. Don't we all want someone who touches the bend in our back and leads us...
Today after reading this piece of encouragement, I stopped to think about how much God knows me, inside and out...He knows the number of freckles brought on by pregnancy as well as the new number of gray hairs on my head also a result of pregnancy. He knows my deepest longings, my greatest fears and He knows me every time I call out His name. He knows my voice and is delighted each time I come to Him. WOW and I thought being loved and wanted by my husband was incredible...but its just a tiny taste of what it means to be loved and wanted by the Creator of every living thing!
Being loved makes me want to do this!
(of course, my almost 8 month pregnant self isn't doing a lot of jumping these days, so I will let my little man exude this Joy) -B

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  1. Being loved by YOU makes me want to jump for joy! :)


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