As a college student I learned a great deal about space. As emphasized by my parks and recreation professors, space is essential to leisure. Having a specific location or setting where you can recreate is vital to the enjoyment of life. If we were to take this a step further, a space could be any location or setting where you sit back, relax and rest. There is a blog I read regularly called (in)courage and its incredible. A group of women offering daily encouragement into the hearts and lives of women everyday. Its truly an incredible ministry, and on this particular day, I read a post from one of their writers who spoke about a specific space in her home. A space where she was free to write on walls, be whimsical and disorganized, a space to do whatever she wanted, whatever she felt like. It was solely for her freedom and enjoyment. I immediately thought of E, my creative sister who I knew would love more than anything to have a little place in her own home to doodle on the wall and let out all the creativity swirling around inside her.
(picture courtesy of gitzengirl)
I forwarded the link to E and it got me thinking, we can all have a space like this in our home or in our lives. It doesn't have to be a nook where we literally write on the walls, it doesn't have to be beautiful or unique, it doesn't even have to be a specific location...it can be whatever we want it to be. A special comfy chair where we read and enjoy our coffee, back in bed snuggled up and journaling, pictures scattered or neatly arranged on our fridge, a rocking chair on our screened in porch or simply a state of being. Our space can be a place where we can daily remind ourselves who we want to be and how we want to live, a place where our minds are quieted, our longings are heard, and our spirits are rejuvenated. Do you have a space? -B

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  1. Um...this surely may be one of favorite new "spaces"! Love this! And I love you three even more!


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